The world capital of music box Sainte-Croix and its region interested scientists, who came to the conclusion that the "Stone of Peace" contained telluric forces of exceptional intensity. This is particularly the case for the Chasseron and the Covatannaz Gorge, which, in the opinion of many Swiss and foreign observers, exude a rare feeling of well-being. Measurements of the telluric energy at this place have confirmed this impression: The Chasseron almost equals the values measured under the sarcophagus of Aachen Cathedral in Germany, where a telluric energy was measured that constitutes a record in Europe. Nowhere else in Switzerland is it so high. A hieratic block called the "Stone of Peace", on which are engraved the symbols of all the great religions, was placed at the Chasseron to realize the positive energies emanating from this place. The tourism officials of the region have also created the "Path of Energies".

The stone is an erratic block of gneiss or granite, which has remained on the territory of the municipality of Bullet following the melting of the glaciers. The Commune took care of transporting the stone to the place where it was worked and then to its present location near the Chasseron, for which it is warmly thanked.

The stone was chosen and engraved by Mrs Jacqueline Jeanneret of the Col des Roches. What significance do the symbols of the peace stone have? The symbols of the various religions have been engraved on the stone, to which a symbol has been added: the mathematical sign for infinity (the number eight lying down) in the centre of the stone. The latter includes all the unrecognized religions (such as natural religions) and those to come.
All these symbols are inscribed in an oval. Outside this "eggshell" is the celestial realm, and with this symbol the intention was to present an image of the relationship between heaven and earth.
This symbolism reminds us that we too, the men of this earth, are all on board the same ship, regardless of the region or world view to which we adhere. It is a call to assume our responsibility for the good of our earth according to our individual possibilities.
This plateau is a place of energies that can have a positive effect on humans. These phenomena have recently been studied in the cathedrals of Chartres and Aachen. From a historical point of view, it is known today that such places of energy were already observed in pre-Christian times as holy places, and that Christianity has often adopted them as places of recollection.

The impulse to undertake research on this plateau, as well as in the no less interesting Covatannaz Gorge, was given by Mrs Françoise Ernst, from Sainte-Croix. She asked the famous German geobiologist, Dr Horst Frithjov Preiss, to conduct the measurements and research. Founder and director of the Research Institute for Geobiology and Geomancy M-P-S in Kelkheim, Germany, he spent more than twenty years as head of a scientific department for information and communication systems in German industry. He has written several specialized books, which deal with the topic of such places. Recommendation: Don't stay too long on the spot. A few minutes are enough for a recharge. The following exercise is worthwhile: touch the stone with your palms to check the surface temperature. Then lift them a centimetre and let them slide gently over the stone. Then stand next to the stone, facing north (the cross). Close your eyes and try to feel the energy of the place. Many visitors feel a warmth under the soles of their feet, a tingling sensation, a vision of intense colors, a feeling of seasickness, a reminder of known pain, palpitations; etc.